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Have you ever thought about slowing down your clothing consumption? Are you starting to be afraid of the mountain of parasitic clothes installed on your chair? You may have too many clothes.

If your closets are overflowing and some rooms have never seen the light of day, it may well be. Here are 6 signs that show you are hoarding way too many clothes. And that you have to sort through your dressing room.

1 - Your closet is overflowing with clothes

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Despite all your good will, your clothes are overflowing from your dressing room. Your closet is so full to the brim that you had to take off all your jackets and invest in a new coat rack. Anyway, you haven't had any hangers for quite a while. You have also accepted the new role of the chair in the corner of your room : initially intended for sitting down, it has become a receptacle for superfluous clothes.

And let's not talk about your dirty laundry basket. From what you remember, it could never be completely emptied. It serves as your storage now. This accumulation of clothes racks is one of the signs that should alert you .

Sort out what you need and what just takes up extra space.

2 - You spend your time on online clothing sales sites

As soon as you have a minute, you can't help it, you scroll through online clothing sales sites . You spend your time buying complete outfits and reselling them within a week. Selling online has even become your way of making ends meet . But strangely, you still have money problems. Yes, you are addicted.

In addition to the financial difficulties that these compulsive purchases can cause you, this addiction could be a source of psychological suffering . We tend to make fun of or harshly judge shopaholics—including ourselves—but it's not such a trivial attitude .

3 - You found duplicate clothes in your closet

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You just bought a classic white shirt , but with balloon sleeves, "absolutely necessary" for all types of events. And while rummaging through your dressing room, you realize that you already had a white shirt like this. You had completely forgotten its existence. What are you doing ? You keep both , “just in case”. It's time to dive into your for a little while. Take stock of the clothes that will always be useful to you, your favorite clothes, and those that only serve to fill empty spaces.

4 - Choosing your outfits for the day can take hours

Every morning, you spend way too much time finding your outfit for the day .

Sometimes more than an hour. How to choose between your five casual dresses is a real headache. Have you ever come to a point where you missed one of your appointments? The reason is simple: you have too many choices, too many clothes. Make your life easier, sort it out.

5 - Clothes still have the tag in your closet

Some of your clothes have never seen the light of day . By diving into your dressing room, you have already discovered clothes that still have the label. You also found a pair of undamaged shoes, still stored in their box.

Certainly, these small gifts made to yourself fill you with joy when you find them. But remember that clothes are made to be worn . Not to be forgotten in the back of the closet. Otherwise, these purchases were probably not that necessary .

6 - You are known to hoard clothes

It's even part of your personality now. Your entourage has never seen you wearing the same outfit twice . And when you say you're going shopping, your mom, partner, best friend or neighbor rolls their eyes.

Listen for these signs. Give a second life to your superfluous clothes . Give them to associations or sell them, they will make people happy!

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